Lunora Author

H.S Crow

Author and Creator

Born in Florida alongside chirping alligators and mosquito clusters, Crow, survived the awkward stages of teenage puberty only to become nothing more but a nerd.

That is until the world around him spiraled into existential dread and a whispering phantom of another world spoke.

"Be more than just Bacon... and take this quest you shmuck."

Thus, he heeded the wise phantom cause why not, and proceeded to choose a path of creative shit.

When Crow isn't staring off at some tree, he's studying heavily in history, physics, astronomy, theology, and mythology as a means to grow as a writer.

His dream, to write some cool ass shit.

With a love for fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He often finds himself creating stories that encompasses a bit of each genre, yet layered with the issues of the real world.

He tends to compose videos, create websites, produce music, nerd out at comic shops, play magic, and thinks he can program games. All while trying to build a Creative Studio called Otherworlds Inc. alongside his best friend and motivation, Sierra Ashevaili Rottman.

Sierra Ashevaili Rottman

Creative Director and Editor

Long ago, there was a pinto bean... then there was a single curl of hair, and from it, Ashevaili came to be.

The existential artist who believes she sucks at everything she does is quite a brilliant talent, but she can't seem to believe it. That is, until she met Crow... who had just happened to be her Kenjutsu instructor... Oh yes! We forgot to mention that Crow plays with swords.

Sadly, the poor bean curl joined him and played with swords too, instead of trying to be a lawyer or some doctor. You know? The typical thing parents yell about.

Anywho, while practicing, they realized they could do some cool shit together, and decided to team up after a year of tree staring and sword swinging.

When Ashevaili isn't drawing until her arm falls off or eating breadcrumbs cause what else can a artist afford, she's drowning her existential dread into social media alongside her cats and wolves (Which she shares custody with Crow on cause what else do best friends do if not share everything they own?)

Today, Ashevaili is still a nerdy bean curl with the dream to use her art to bring stories to life, and hopefully one day earn a living doing it, even if the odds are low for this bean curl.

Lunora Team Members

Kev Liew

Lead Manga Artist