Time seems to always escape us... I will find you.

Experience a tale spanning generations of warring kingdoms, broken worlds, cursed Gods, eternal love, and the curse of eternity...

“Imagine a world where we were not the first. A reality where myth is no longer the imagined rantings of old fools, but cruel warnings of what threatens our bleak existence. We, the Starfall, are mere cattle threatening the ways of Old Gods and their children- the Earthborn Sprites.

Follow the starcrossed journey of a fire-bending wanderer rumored to have defied the Gods of Time, a mysterious lockbox containing an unwanted truth, a young boy fueled by vengeance, and his enslaved sister with a naïve dream to free her people as they embark on a quest to unmask a generational lie.

In their quest, they will face dangerous creatures from our wildest imagination, warring kingdoms hinged on a destructive path of genocide, Eldritch Gods forgotten by time, and the weight of their own sins, faults, and past...

It’s ‘Legend of Zelda’ meets ‘Avatar the Last Airbender' with the grimdark touch of 'Castlevania' and the rich star-crossed science fiction masterpiece 'Steins;Gate'."



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Lunora: Part of an Expanding Caligo Universe

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